Outlands USA Recycled Cotton - "Friendly Bear" Socks

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Friendly bear just wants a little attention. Who could blame him.

Features of these socks include:

Made in the USA: ethically sourced and manufactured in North Carolina.
Cushioned footbed:
 additional padding and comfort in the heel, arch and toe.
Arch support: 
dynamic support with light compression, to help support your feet and lessen fatigue. 
Roll top: less 
pinching, constriction, and indentation.

Want to know more?

Our Dir. of Sales and Marketing picked this design as his favorite! Here's why: "my wholesale roots started in sustainability. And for us to now be making a collection of socks domestically, using up-cycled materials that quite literally have a positive impact on the environment, it makes me very happy. And they're comfortable as heck too."

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