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Men's Bamboo "Barber Shop" Socks

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You heard right, we have an entire eco-friendly bamboo dress sock for men collection, including this pair of barber shop socks.

If you know a barber, we know a pair of dress socks he would love. 

The bamboo collection is certified free of harmful chemicals by OEK-TEX and OCIA.

Staff pick 
- our Inventory and Planning Manager, Hunter probably ordered A LOT of this design, because it's his favorite. Why? "I have hundreds of socks from Socksmith and I love the bamboo feel. I probably have enough socks to wear a different pair each day of the year but when these bad boys come out of the dryer, I'm putting them on. I shave my head and am known to have a mediocre beard. What can I say? They speak to me."

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