The Socksmith Story

The Socksmith Owners: Eric, Cassandra, and Ellen
Ellen + Eric Gil started it all in 1988.
Picture a humble, 450 square-foot boutique that they’ve grown to now serve as an iconic cornerstone of downtown Santa Cruz, California:
Sockshop and Shoe Company.

Many awesome socks later and fast forward to 2007. Ellen + Eric strike again.

Out of a love for individuality and self-expression, Socksmith was born.
This time, joined by long-time friend and industry expert, Cassandra Aaron. She served as their missing link on the team, and the rest is history.

Over a decade later, this dynamic trio continues to lead Socksmith to new heights.

Our socks are designed with love by our talented, in-house artists. They are weaved with care using top-quality materials and they are uniquely tailored for those who agree with our mantra of #NoBoringSocks.

That's the Socksmith Story.