Lucas' passion for art and design was sparked at a young age, and the quality of his skills and self-taught techniques are apparent throughout his portfolio.

Growing up, Lucas was witness to his mother devoting her entire life to art as an oil painter, teaching and mentoring others. Despite finding himself underfoot more often than not, he started to watch more closely and realized this was his footsteps would follow a similar path.

Jimi Hendrix art on 3d printed socks

In his teens, Lucas (along with many others) developed an interest in the world of skateboard and graffiti art culture. Trying his hand at illustration, it was obvious that he was highly skilled and there was no question that this could be a smart career move. Eventually he landed a job at a local skate shop working in graphics and signage, which led to his role at Santa Cruz Skateboards.

After illustrating boards and learning apparel design, Lucas became Art Director. By several years working and collaborating with multiple world-renowned brands such as Hurly, Volcom, Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars, Lucas wanted to steer his direction towards brand management. A Brand Manager was born. 

Moving to present day, we are proud to namedrop Lucas Musgrave as our in-house designer and Brand Manager at Socksmith Design. Lucas has worked tirelessly to design and launch our newest collection of printed socks - No BS (No Boring Socks!)

As much as Lucas is passionate about his role at Socksmith, he is a proud papa to his son Bishop, and enjoying life in Santa Cruz with his wife Tina. 

See his full portfolio here.