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Introducing - Outlands Made in the USA

We've been working our socks off (sorry - we had to!) to create a collection that empowers our consumers while prioritizing two core values fundamental to our brand: support local, and shop responsibly.

Supporting local businesses - If this year has taught us anything, it's to support our small businesses. If that forces our hand to get curbside take-out every night then so be it. We didn't make the rules.  

Shopping responsibly - We want to educate our consumers in knowing that supporting local businesses is just a small part of the supply chain. This collection is sustainably-sourced and the people behind it are treated fairly.

Problem - the moral dilemma
Did you know that as Americans, only 3% of the fun (apparel) stuff we buy is domestically-sourced? We don't need to know exactly how much $$$ that 97% is, but we know it's probably more than than any of us care to admit. Math lesson over, but now we have a moral dilemma if we want to bump that 3% up...

You're supporting local - ✔️
You're shopping responsibly - ✔️
Your socks cost half your paycheck - BIG ✖️

The solution
We've created a product of exceptional quality - extremely durable and capable of handling the most outdoorsy of outdoor adventures - that doesn't break the bank. 
And if your socks don't quite live up to our claims, then we'll give you your money back.

We've made three categories of this collection: wool, cotton and our blend - the "Cabin Sock".  

Sock features and benefits

Features and benefits of our recycled sock collection

Unless you're in the apparel biz, it's not exactly obvious what the minutia means, so we're going to break it down for you.

Recycled: each pair of socks is sourced from recycled materials.
Cushioned footbed: additional padding and comfort in the heel, arch and toe.
Arch support: 
dynamic support with light compression, to help support your feet and lessen fatigue. 
Roll top: less 
pinching, constriction, and indentation.
Comfort ribbing: 
 a tight knit with a secure, snug fit that limits slipping.
Needle construction: 
needle quantities inside the hosiery machine, 144 or 84 needles per loop. The greater the number of needles, the denser the weaving of the sock (makes for a tighter, finer sock). 

Where are the socks made?
Hickory, North Carolina. 

How are the socks made?
All of our recycled socks are made possible by people. People who are an integral part of our towns and communities. They work in a factory which prioritizes ethical practices, while gaining and utilizing valuable skills.

The process
Excess apparel scraps are collected by our partner Recover®, and transformed into new premium recycled fibers. Fibers are separated by color and sent to our factory in North Carolina, where they are spun and twisted with nylon and spandex, to produce the finished knitted product. Certified as meeting the highest standards of recycling by the Global Recycling Standard and Oeko-Tex

What does this mean for our planet
There are no dyes and zero excess water used after the fiber’s initial apparel run. We're decreasing the amount of waste sent to landfills and reducing the amount of water, land, pesticides and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers. Every pair of socks we produce saves water, CO2 emissions and square footage of landfills.

For more information, please email us:

Have you hugged your recycle bin today?

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