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Do you hate the sound of someone slurping their drink? Yeah, we do too. But recently it gave us a good idea. Although we couldn't quite figure out how to design a slurp-free water bottle, we did crack this code: how to distract someone while slurping your drink. 

Ladies, and gentleman, we present to you: Bottlesmith. We're not just a one trick pony. We have designed an exciting new collection of double-wall, insulated stainless steel water bottles. You could put coffee in there too, we won't judge. 

For those of you who like to nerd out on the techy stuff, here it is.

Bottlesmith bottle features include:

- Manufactured using food-grade stainless steel which does not leach.
- Lids made from Polypropylene (PP#5), a BPA-Free and non-leaching plastic.
- Suitable for hot and cold beverages, as well as carbonated liquid.
- Digitally printed graphics which add texture and depth to the designs and use UV/LED curable ink. This process of drying cures the ink faster and therefore uses much less energy!

Our bottles and tumblers will keep your cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours, and your hot drinks toasty for up to six.

Care instructions:

- Hand-washing with non-abrasive dish soap is recommended.
- Please do not put your new bottle in the freezer.

Size options:

Bottlesmith 3 finger lid 34 oz bottle



34 oz bottles with wide mouth 3 finger lids. Seriously sized for epic adventures.


Bottlesmith flip lid 20 oz bottle



20 oz bottles with wide mouth flip lids. Easy drinking at a flip of your fingers!

Bottlesmith slide lid 16 0z tumbler bottle



16 oz tumblers with slide lids, perfect for keeping your coffee or tea toasty warm!


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