Outlands USA Recycled Wool - "Craft Beer" Socks

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While you all have probably heard of the Craft Beer Scene, have you heard of the Craft Sock Scene? Wearing these recycled wool blends, while sipping a cold one, will not only cleanse your tasting palette—it’ll also add an icebreaker for that fellow bar mate you’ve been dying to talk to for the last half hour. 

Want to know more benefits and features of these recycled wool socks?

Sustainable: each pair of socks is sourced from recycled materials.
Cushioned footbed: additional padding and comfort in the heel, arch and toe.
Arch support: 
dynamic support with light compression, to help support your feet and lessen fatigue. 

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*Staff favorite* - our Dir. of Ops, Henry, picked these as his favorite because "
I am a bit of a beer aficionado. Plus, when I wear this sock it always gives me a little extra pep in my step and glide in my stride." The question we have for him is, what does he like more - craft beer or recycled socks?

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